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área: 45m² - Xm²    
local: São Paulo, São Paulo
ano: 2018

projeto em parceria com arquiteto Douglas Mercer
H O M E 1.jpg
H O M E 1.jpg

The biggest problem we face going into the future is overpopulation of the planet. As a result, cities will get overcrowded, the landscape will become grayish, natural resources will become scarse and the price of living in a big city will rise abnormally. With that in mind is that we built our proposal for the Home of the future. Focusing in the sustainability of the designed space and of the suggested architecture.

We used a preexisting model to build a compact living space. Within a previously built structure of a 40ft container joined with a 20ft, we proposed two floor plan options, for different size families and an open common living area with an in-house vegetable garden. On the top, a green roof, over a flat-water tank that will serve in addition of a common area as well as a water catchment, energy production and garden space.

Our proposal will be able to be built up as 8 floors high, supported in a stell frame structure. The resulting building facade will vary, according to each orientation and selected floor plan as will the size of the construction itself, therefore, resulting in a different building for different sites.

H O M E perspectiva.jpg
H O M E base.jpg
H O M E perp.jpg
H O M E 4.4 2.jpg
H O M E planta.jpg
H O M E corte.jpg
H O M E 4.jpg
2 units
4 units
6 units
H O M E 4.jpg
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